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                                 This website includes:  
1)  AUTISM FLIER 1:  "Autism Epidemic: Autism IS Treatable
Epidemic info, Vaccine info, Vaccinate Safely, Autism IS Treatable!  I hand this out to EVERYONE and
         run after pregnant women and young parents to give this Flier!!  3000 so far and counting!! And as of
         November 30, 2004, this is a two-page version that also includes full Treatable info!!

AUTISM FLIER 2:  "Autism IS Treatable!"
  Contains only Autism IS Treatable websites and info! I give this to people who've received the other
        Flier and state they have an Autistic child, work at schools, or know a child with autism. Has links to
        DAN Doctors, Dr. Andy Cutler Protocol, Dr. Mary Megson Protocol, Dr. Stephanie Cave phone #, etc.

3 VACCINE EXEMPTION LETTER:  Religious Exemption
                Example with some explanations and links. No examples yet of medical or philosophical exemptions.
4)  AUTISM BUMPER STICKERS:  Print and Place on your Car!!
Home-made - easy instructions. Thanks Jane at for great idea!!
5)  THERMOGRAPHY FLIER (O/T):  Prevent MOST Breast Cancer DEATHS
        "Breast Cancer & Thermography -- Early Detection Saves Lives!" D.I.T.I Machine could save most
        of the lives now lost to Breast Cancer.

                                     and  LINK: TO D.A.N. DOCTORS <--Click here
(Defeat Autism Now)


EMAIL ME for this in either 1-pg or 2-pg
Microsoft Word /download. ßD.A.N. Doctors link / Chatt TN/N.GA, Dr. Adams:706-861-7377
 Jeff Ransom ’s website:  June 4-5, 2004 N.GA Autism,ADHD Conference Videos Available!


Autism which occurred in 1 in 40,000 children during the 1960's, in January 2004 according to the CDC, occurred among 1 in 166 U.S. school children -- epidemic numbers in the U.S. and worldwide. Autism increased nearly 1000% during the 1990s--at the same time they tripled the infant vaccination schedule.

According to Jeff Ransom, father of a Ringgold GA autistic boy and now an autism expert, this schedule required his son to receive Hepatitis B at 10 minutes old (risk group: prostitutes & IV drug abusers). At age 3 months, standard U.S. injections gave Benjamin 125xs EPA mercury guidelines -- before he had blood-brain barrier or liver bile for protection. “Mercury is one of the worst neuro-toxins and is known to cause brain injury,” says Jeff.

Bernard Rimland, founder of the Autism Society of America and director of Autism Research Institute ( says, "There is a huge epidemic of autism and it is the vaccinations." Rimland, who consulted on the movie Rain Man, points out that the symptoms of mercury poisoning are amazingly like the symptoms of autism. “Mercury is extraordinarily toxic in small amounts, but some people are amazingly susceptible to minute amounts of mercury."

"When we were children we had 3 vaccinations before the age of 6,” says Rimland. “Now the kids get 22 before the age of 2.  It's a little like saying if a kid can safely carry 3 books in his backpack, then 22 is also safe."

1990: 1 in 10,000  1999: 1 in 500  2002: 1 in 250   2004: 1 in 166 

Rimland's message to Congress is one of hope: Autism IS Treatable!  Chelating mercury from the child’s body combined with extensive hyperbaric and nutritional protocols have D.A.N. (Defeat Autism Now) Doctors returning from 50-70% of autistic children to the normal range!

Upset that every 18 minutes another American child gets “regressive” autism (90% is mercury poisoning),
Dr. Stephanie Cave wrote the book,"What Your Doctor May NOT Tell You About Children's Vaccinations,"
(compilation of studies showing what vaccines are related to huge increases in what childhood illnesses; ways to vaccinate more safely; medical, religious and philosophical exemptions; & national vaccine injury fund “free lawsuits”). Cave treats 600+ autistic children at her clinic, many – especially the youngest – with remarkable results! Quotes from Cave’s book: 

Rep. Dan Burton (R-IN) in a 3-year investigation found conflict of interest between CDC, FDA & pharmaceutical companies. His report states the vaccine process has been polluted and the public trust has been violated.
(pp35-6).  When prelicensing trials are done on vaccines, researchers typically observe the study participants for hours or several days, and only occasionally for a few weeks or longer, to note any adverse reactions to the product. But autoimmune responses may take months even years to emerge—while the vaccines are ruled “safe.” (p.80)  When a vaccine enters the body, the immune system responds by attacking its various components.  Sometimes this reaction includes an attack on a part of the body that chemically resembles a component of the vaccine (autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, etc). (p.81). Our children are being injected with foreign, disease-causing substances before their immune systems have matured to a point where they can cope with such invasions.  We are also giving children multiple, simultaneous vaccines, which may cause reactions not seen when a single vaccine is given. (p.80).

In 1991 the Italian government initiated a mandatory hepatitis B immunization for all children at either age three months or twelve years. Children in other groups were not vaccinated. In the study researchers looked at the incidence of childhood diabetes in both vaccinated and unvaccinated children and found that, overall, those who had received the vaccine were 34% more likely to develop diabetes than unvaccinated children. (p.87)  Each of these children can look forward to a life expectancy that is 15 years less. (p.85). 

A study in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics (March 2000) compared vaccinated with unvaccinated children and found that those who received DTP or tetanus shots were 50% more likely to develop severe allergic reactions, twice as likely to have asthma, and more than 80% more likely to have sinusitis than those not vaccinated. (p.92).  The National Vaccination Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) and the court acknowledged the causal relationship between the rubella vaccine and chronic arthritis. (pp.95-96). In 1994 two researchers reported in the American Journal of Epidemiology that infants die at a rate 8 times greater than normal within 3 days of getting their DTP vaccines. (p.100).  Dr. Viera Scheibner, who has conducted many studies of SIDS & DTP states, “vaccination is the single most prevalent and most preventable cause of infant deaths.” (p.100). 

Between 1991 and 1999, by the age of 6 months, vaccinated children had received 187.5 mcg of mercury—a poison that accumulates in their bodies because production of bile, which helps clear toxins from the body, is not developed in children less than 4 to 6 months. When mercury can’t get out of the body, it travels to the brain, changes into inorganic mercury, clings to brain tissue, and damages the nervous system. Mercury doesn’t cling to just any part of the brain; it goes exactly to those areas involved in autism. (p.63)  The similar and overlapping traits of mercury poisoning and autism… evidence many cases of autism are a form of mercury poisoning. (p.62) 


  Cave advises VACCINATE MORE SAFELY 1) Insist on mercury-free and thimerosal-free versions (insist to review the insert!);  2) Be sure your child is not sick or running a fever for the day of shot;  3) Insist on single dose – mercury is often used in multi-dose vials;  4) Avoid 5 or 6 or 10 vaccines in one day where this will often lead to problems (MMR = 3 shots);  5) CONSIDER WAITING until your child is 4 to 5-years old and his/her system more mature;  6) If any family member has had an adverse vaccine reaction or auto-immune disorder -- because vaccines suppress the immune & have other side effects – you have the option to not vaccinate (medical, philosophical or religious exemptions are very possible, see below);  and  7) Please educate yourself about increases in ALL illnesses & disorders before you allow your child to be vaccinated!  
                                                   (before you vaccinate a child, please buy Dr. Cave’s book – only $10 at

                                                   (end of front page/ page 1)

                                                                     (page 2)

NOTE: In a June 1999 internal email, FDA head acknowledges they were “asleep at the switch” on unsafe levels of mercury that “9th grade math” should have caught.
The FDA has not made this admission public, a first step toward bio-medical interventions, (chelating mercury, etc.) and needed insurance support. Some grants are available however, plus Free lawsuits/see National Vaccine Injury Compensation Prog., below. The standard schedule injected American infants with over 200xs EPA safe mercury levels.  In 1999, NIH requested the FDA remove the mercury. Instead they allowed every existing mercury shot to be used until most expired Dec. 2003.
January 2004 CDC numbers:  Developmental/Behavioral disorders 1 in 6 U.S. children, Autism 1 in 166, both epidemics.

VACCINE INGREDIENTS:  Thimerosal (49.6% Mercury), Mercury, MSG,
Formaldehyde, Coal Tar, Anti-Freeze, Animal DNA, Aluminum, Aborted Fetus Cells...  

 Isn't it time we demand SAFER VACCINES!
As one mother said, “I wouldn’t give my infant food with MSG, and I certainly wouldn’t feed him aluminum,      
mercury or formaldehyde, so why would I knowingly have those things injected into his bloodstream.”  ---
 80% of Americans vaccinate, however It’s Your Child. You decide…and before you vaccinate a child, please buy Dr. Cave’s book!!

Yes, mercury IS in vaccines. Spring 2004, CDC approved the U.S. 2004 flu shots with Thimerosal, 49.6% mercury, for infants as young as 6 months. An infant would need to weigh 275 lbs to safely ingest this amount in one day – and be an adult. Instead they inject that into infants and pregnant women, twice during flu season.  INSIST on Mercury-free and Thimerosal-free vaccines & read the insert! Support U.S. Rep. Dave Weldon’s (R-FL) ban on mercury from U.S. kids’ vaccinations (HR4169). IA & CA passed ban mercury laws in 2004. People in 34 states seek mercury ban laws in 2005.
The Religious Vaccine Exemption includes: X,Y,Z vaccines are grown on aborted fetal cells and we believe that this is a violation of God's law on the grounds that it could justify/promote abortions.  P,Q,R vaccines contain live viruses and we believe that it is a violation of God's law to intentionally introduce these illnesses into our child. Hepatitis B is genetically engineered, and we believe that genetic engineering is a violation of God's law. P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, and Z vaccines alter and have been known to cause damage to the God-given immune system, and contain poisons & known allergens, so we object to these immunizations on the grounds that it is violation of God's law.   For more info: and for state by state info on applicable laws, etc.


The only “HOT
LOT” ever officially pulled from the market, DTP Lot 64201 made by Wyeth, 52 SIDS deaths, TN 1978-79.

Boys get Autism 4:1 more than girls and with the severest cases – while scientists explain: in a Petri dish, mercury kills 40% of brain cells; estrogen with mercury somehow protects the brain cells for only 3% cell death; testosterone & mercury kill 100% of brain cells.

A mother with 10 or more amalgam fillings (mercury again) has a 27% higher chance of having a child with autism. Removing the amalgams or chelating mercury out of the mom before birth may help. Also apply cold-pressed walnut oil to feet.

Vaccine Ingredients:
      - aluminum (toxic metal)
      - mercury (a neuro-toxin)
      - thimerosal (49.6% mercury)
      - formaldehyde (a carcinogen)
      - phenol (coal-tar derivative),  
      - ethylene glycol (anti-freeze)…   
 (Please insist upon reviewing the vaccine insert 
  before you allow your child to be   vaccinated).

Autistic kids don’t excrete mercury, so hair tests show NO mercury.  D.A.N. Doctor (Defeat Autism Now) protocols include nutrition and chelation (a drug that binds to mercury and they urinate the mercury out) 8 x’s more mercury comes out of autistic kids than normal kids & up to 70% return to normal range.

National Vaccine Information Center
Largest and oldest national non-profit dedicated to preventing vaccine injuries and deaths through public education.  Many resources. Operates Vaccine Reaction Registry.




Dr. Andy Cutler  Mercury Verification  Andrew Hall Cutler, PhD Harvard biochemist, "counting rules" to determine mercury poisoning from hair test results. Since autistic kids don’t excrete mercury, most doctors see no mercury in hair or blood results and tell parents their autistic kids aren’t mercury poisoned  when they actually are.  The counting rules looks at levels of other metals in hair results to determine mercury toxicity.  Email hair test results to Andy at no cost:

D.A.N. (Defeat Autism Now) Doctors
International list of DAN Doctors -- work in conjunction with Bernard Rimland’s Autism Research Institute with latest Bio-Medical Protocols including mercury chelation.  (In Chatt area: Dr Charles Adams 706-861-7377)

Dr. Mary Megson Cod Liver Oil Protocol   Dr. Mary Megson treats nearly 2000 developmental disorder / autistic children in Virginia.  Her treatment using Cod Liver Oil and Bethanecol has many autistic children
seeing huge improvements and speaking for the first time within hours or days of receiving their first dose. She also uses chelation.  

The GFCF Diet
Glutein-Free, Casein-Free Diet

Natl Vaccine Injury Compensation Prog
75 cents from every vaccine goes into $2 Billion dollar program which pays for your child’s lawyer & medical experts. Contact David Geier and the medical-legal consulting firm, MedCon, 301-989-0548. Must file suit  within 3 years of diagnosis.

Book: “What Your Doctor May NOT Tell You About Children’s Vaccinations
by Stephanie Cave,
M.D., F.A.A.F.P. Cave treats 600+ autistic kids at her clinic in Baton Rouge, LA. 
Ph: 225-767-7433


NOTE: Dr. Cave, Dr. Megson, Dr. Andy Hall & D.A.N. Doctors are having great success chelating mercury out while infusing kids with nutrients. They do a complete blood workup, hair and blood analyses for toxic metals, urine and stool analyses, testing for food allergies (common in autism), and the levels of various nutrients & amino acids.
Treatment includes an FDA detoxifier drug that removes lead and mercury. DMSA attaches to mercury and "escorts" it out thru the urine. DMSA can only be given in small amounts so treatment takes several months. Doctors also supplement any abnormally low level vitamin or mineral; stabilize beneficial bacteria in their colon; and place children on casein-free (dairy products) and gluten-free (found in wheat, oats, barley & rye) diet.
The results have been exceptional. They've seen nearly complete recovery in many of the two- to seven-year-old children.  The prognosis for autism/ADHD often depends on the age of the child at time of treatment. However, recovery at any age is possible.

Alternative health recommends cold-pressed cod liver & walnut oil applied nightly to kid’s feet. Also Detox Pads & Ion-Cleanse Detox foot soak machines-water turns toxin-filled orange in 30 minutes without painful detoxing side effects to kids.
90% of autism is mercury poisoning, according to Cave. Some govt programs create high functioning autistics. DAN Protocols often make children normal! Cod Liver oil  Hair Tests

Great 3000 person support system includes doctors, researchers & parents answering re successful treatment protocols at: “Autism-Mercury” Email: 
At , we recommend put list setting on Digest          
Website documents 90 rounds of chelation and nutritional protocols to bring her son to normal!



              Informational Websites:

Andy Cutler Mercury Chelation Protocol 
Andrew Hall Cutler, PhD Harvard biochemist, has come up with "counting rules"  to determine mercury poisoning from hair test results. Autistic children don’t excrete mercury so hair samples from autistic children show NO mercury.  Instead, Cutler found that derangement of levels of other toxic heavy metals in the body can indicate mercury toxicity.  (Children with autism as a group also have low values of essential elements like calcium, potassium, zinc, and magnesium). Andy Cutler’s “counting rules” is important because most doctors see no mercury and tell parents their autistic kids aren’t mercury poisoned.  Instead have the PhD expert read the test results at no cost:
D.A.N. Doctors  (Defeat Autism Now)
List of DAN Doctors in America and internationally who work in conjunction with Bernard Rimland’s Autism Research Institute with latest Bio-Medical Protocols including mercury chelation for treating autism.  Go to website for DAN Doctor nearest you!
Dr. Megson Cod Liver Oil Protocol
Dr. Mary Megson treats nearly 2000 Developmental Disorder and autistic children in Virginia.  Her treatment using Cod Liver Oil and Bethanecol has many autistic children seeing huge improvements and speaking for the first time within hours or days of receiving their first dose. She follows this with Chelation.
Dana’s 90 Chelation Rounds Testimonial
Dana’s a stay at home lawyer with 2 autism spectrum sons, website documents 90 rounds of chelation and nutritional protocols to bring one son to normal range. Dana is an expert in every area of mercury chelation and nutritional protocols.  She uses Andy Cutler’s protocols and answers all questions.  Email:
“Autism-Mercury” list at
To join, send email to:   
Dr. Andy Cutler, lawyer-mom Dana, a researcher Teresa Binstock and over 3000 parents create a great support system answering questions on successful treatment protocols to return children to normal at: “Autism-Mercury.”  We recommend going to,  and put the list setting on Digest to get 2 “digest” emails  with 25 messages/daily instead of 50 emails/daily. You can learn an immense amount of info very quickly on this list.  Or email Andy and/or Dana directly.   
Autism Research Institute
Bernard Rimland’s “Autism IS Treatable” Congressional speech, studies, etc.
National Vaccine Information Center
Barbara Loe Fisher, co-founder and president runs largest and oldest national, non-profit educational organization dedicated to preventing vaccine injuries and deaths through public education.  Many resources for parents concerned about vaccine safety.  Operates Vaccine Reaction Registry.
Moms Against Mercury
Moms on a mission.  Have billboard outside CDC in Atlanta. Speak before Congress. And links to almost every media story on autism and/or mercury.  Plus links to studies, websites, etc.  Get on their email list and receive several press releases per month of pertinent autism-mercury information.
The GFCF Diet
Glutein Free, Casein Free Diet
Educate Before You Vaccinate
June 4-5, 2004 Autism ADHD Conference in N. GA Videos Available!
Speakers included: Dr. Mary Megson M.D., F.A.A.P. who treats only children with Developmental Disorders; Dr. Mark R. Geier M.D., Ph.D. President of The Genetic Centers of America; David Geier – President of MedCon medical-legal consulting firm; Dr. Boyd Haley – Chair of Chemistry Dept, University of Kentucky; and Dr. William Shaw, Ph.D. Director of Great Plains Laboratory.
  423-227-5358 <- see for Relig. Vaccine Exemption                
National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program
75 cents from every vaccine goes into $2 Billion dollar program which pays for your child’s lawyer & medical experts. Contact David Geier and the medical-legal consulting firm, MedCon, 301-989-0548. Must file suit  within 3 years of diagnosis.

Kirkman Labs
100+ nutritional supplements for kids with food / environmental sensitivities. (Dr. Megson gets Cod Liver Oil here)

Great Plains Laboratory
^ Autism tests.  v Hair Metal test (send results to Andy)

Recommended Literature:

“What Your Doctor May NOT Tell You About Children’s Vaccinations” by Stephanie Cave, M.D., F.A.A.F.P. and Deborah Mitchell.  Dr. Cave treats 700 autistic children at her clinic in Baton Rouge, LA.  Ph: 225-767-7433

NOTE: Anyone who's read Dr. Stephanie Cave's book knows that Dr. Cave is having great success helping children by chelating the mercury out and infusing them with nutrients. The approach used in her clinic is to do a complete blood workup, hair and blood analyses for toxic metals, urine and stool analyses, testing for food allergies (common in autism), and checking the levels of various nutrients and amino acids.
The treatment approach includes the use of a detoxifier drug approved by the FDA for the removal of lead in children, called DMSA, which also removes other toxic metals such as mercury and tin. The DMSA attaches itself to toxic metals in the body and "escorts" them out through the urine. Treatment with DMSA takes several months, as it can only be given in small amounts, several times a week.  During this process, they also address the child's nutritional needs; supplementing any abnormally low level vitamin or mineral; stabilizing the beneficial bacteria in their colon; and placing the children on a casein-free (casein= dairy product) and gluten-free (gluten=in wheat, oats, barley and rye) diet.
Dr Cave reports that so far, the results have been exceptional. The biggest improvements come when the toxic metals are removed from the children's bodies.  They've seen nearly complete recovery in many of the two- to seven-year-old children.  Based on their experiences, they find the prognosis for autistic and ADHD patients depends on the age of the child at time of treatment. However, recovery at any age is possible, children have on their side resiliency.

In a June 1999 internal email, FDA head acknowledges they were “asleep at the switch” on unsafe levels of mercury that “9th grade math” should have caught.  The FDA has not made this admission public which would provide needed bio-medical interventions, i.e. mercury poisoning chelation protocols along with insurance support for epidemic levels of autism. Some grant money is available however. 
When autistic children are chelated, eight times more mercury comes out in their urine than normal.  Mercury wreaks havoc on gastro-intestinal tracts of these children causing numerous food allergies, sensitivities and the yeast, candida.  All of these must also be treated.  Dr. Mary Megson has children taking Cod Liver Oil and Bethanecol and has many autistic children seeing huge improvements and speaking for the first time within hours or days of receiving their first dose. (use only Kirkman Labs’ Cod Liver Oil for almost no mercury).

At least one alternative healer recommends cold-pressed walnut oil and the cod liver oil applied nightly to children’s feet.  There are also Foot Detox Pads and Ion-Cleanse detox foot soaks where water goes from clear to orange in 30 minutes.

If you were arsenic poisoned, you would hope somebody would get the poison out of your body.  Your mercury poisoned children (90%of autistics) are praying for the same thing.  These are not protocols to create high functioning autistics.  These create normal children. Consider D.A.N. doctors, Dr. Stephanie Cave, Dr. Andrew Cutler, and/or Dr. Mary Megson for help in returning your mercury poisoned child to normal!    



55% to 80% of Americans would support this exemption if they read it along with a list of Vaccine Ingredients. Americans often campaign and vote solely on abortion/life issues, yet never question their infant's vaccines grown on aborted fetus cells. They also never question mercury, aluminum, anti-freeze, formaldehyde, monkey kidneys, live viruses, carcinogens and known allergens in infant vaccines. 
Most parents read up on every other aspect of child care, yet few study in advance concerns about the connection between the brain-toxic mercury and childhood epidemics or read the numerous studies documenting huge increases in other illnesses after vaccines. See Dr. Stephanie Cave's book, "What Your Doctor May NOT Tell You About Children's Vaccinations."  At the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) they have a page listing every possible exemption by state:  This great resource lists state by state the philosophical/medical/religious exemptions allowed. 

Religious Vaccine Exemption Letter:

[name]                                                            [date]


To Whom It May Concern:

Public law 97-280 passed by Congress of the United States of America declares the Bible to be
the "Word of God" and directs citizens to "Study and apply the teachings of the Holy Scriptures."

Congressional Records (2000 - 2003) have indicated that pharmaceutical companies are more concerned with profit than they are with safety and have knowingly used toxins in the manufacturing of vaccines regardless of the risks. (See, for example, Congressional Record, May 21, 2003, Mercury in Medicine Report.)

• The Bible teaches that:

1 Corinthians 3:16 (King James Version)
Verse 16 "Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God
dwelleth in you?"

1 Corinthians 6:19-20 (King James Version)
Verse 19 "What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is
in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?

Verse 20 For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God's."
To inject known neurotoxins into our children, which have known health risks, would be
a violation of these biblical teachings. Vaccines contain toxic substances such as: mercury, aluminum, and formaldehyde. Mercury, for example, has been proven to destroy brain tissue.

In reference to abstaining from vaccines made using aborted fetal tissue cell lines:

Psalm 139:13-16
Verse 13
"For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb.
Verse 14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.
Verse 15 My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place. When I was woven together in the depths of the earth,
Verse 16 your eyes saw my unformed body. All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be."

Exodus 20:13 "You shall not murder."

Matthew 5:21 "You have heard that it was said to the people long ago, 'Do not murder,[1] and anyone who murders will be subject to judgment."

James 4:17 "Anyone, then, who knows the good he ought to do and doesn't do it, sins.

In reference to not mixing our human blood or other tissue with material from animal materials in which vaccine material is cultured:

Leviticus 19:19 (KJV) "Ye shall keep my statutes. Thou shalt not let thy cattle gender with a diverse kind: thou shalt not sow thy field with mingled seed: neither shall a garment mingled of linen and woollen come upon thee."

As there are many cases of polio and other illnesses that have actually been as a result of vaccines:

Revelation 18:4 (KJV) "And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues."

Therefore, I respectfully am stating that my children shall be exempt from vaccination.

Yours truly,

        (Signatures, Notary, etc)


"We PARENTS NAMES, being the LEGAL PARENTS  of  CHILD NAME,  do hereby request exemption from vaccination from  LIST_OF_VACCINES  on religious grounds as per  SCHOOL_CODE_SECTION.   We object to the vaccines for the following reasons:"

(Vaccines are grouped with an objection for each group – see link below for precise vaccines per group)

"Chickenpox, X, and Y vaccines are grown on aborted fetal cells and we believe that this is a violation of God's law on the grounds that it could justify/promote abortions."

"W, X, and Z vaccines contain live viruses and we believe that it is a violation of God's law to intentionally introduce these illnesses into our child."

"Hepatitis B is genetically engineered, and we believe that genetic engineering is a violation of God's law."

"P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, and Z vaccines  alter and have been known to cause damage to the God-given immune system, so we object to these immunizations on the grounds that it is violation of God's law."    

        (Signatures, Notary, etc)


I'm told that they added this last one in case some of the vaccines are changed (for example, perhaps one may no longer be cultured on aborted fetal cells) that it would prevent the school from using that as a loophole.  Here’s the site link with the "where the vaccines come from" info:

Furthermore, at least in
Illinois, your objection can be based upon personal religious beliefs rather than on the tenets of a particular organized religion.  Here's where that comes from (Illinois School Board website):

Here's also some more info:

 I think it may also be important to say that we the parents accept full responsibility if our kids get sick with one of these illnesses.   And a lawyer doesn't hurt... especially if you have a particularly difficult school district.  There are lawyers that specialize in school code.  Contact a local organization that helps parents with special needs children for a list of local lawyers and maybe even sample letters that have worked in your area.

For medical exemptions, your personally provided medical history should note family members with vaccine adverse reaction, autism, or an auto-immune disease.  The above letter was provided by a person who had their medical vaccine exemption thrown out by a IL school principal in Aug. 2004.  Within a week of starting emails to the Autism-Mercury list online at, JT found the above Religious Exemption letter that had been accepted by an IL school!

JT says:  "There sure is a lot to learn about dealing with schools, but I'm proof that you can learn an awful lot in a few days especially with the way we can quickly communicate with each other via this email group."  If you want to join "Autism-Mercury" send an email to:  or go to and sign up (put the setting on digest for 2 emails with 25 messages/daily instead of 50 daily).  This list contains doctors, researchers and experienced parents who can give you an amazing amount of information on almost every subject very quickly!!!    (Thank you JT for this info!)


(Make 'em at home!!)

Mercury…Formaldehyde…Coal Tar…Anti-freeze…
Animal DNA…Aluminum…Aborted Fetal Tissue …

Demand Safer Vaccines!


1990: 1 in 10,000 1999: 1 in 500
2002: 1 in 250  Jan 2004: 1 in 166    Nov 2004: 1 in 149…Scared Yet?

Kid’s vaccines contain aborted fetal cells. …Think again.

 My child was mercury-poisoned
by a vaccine ingredient!



 I AM A:   • Special Education Teacher, • Advocate,
• Lawyer, • Physician, • Occupational Therapist,
• Speech Therapist, • Behavior Specialist, • Lobbyist,
• ABA Consultant,
Heavy-Metal Chelation expert,
• Vaccine Safety expert, • Nutritionist, • Neurologist, 
• Pharmacist, • Audiologist, • A
lternative Care expert


J Instructions:  You can modify the above AUTISM BUMPER STICKERS to fit your need. Add color and graphics to them, but remember that they have to be so big that people can read them from a distance.

 Once you are happy with your design, print them out and get them laminated (any office supply store can do this). Then you get clear shelf paper (or use regular tape) and put them on your car.   Warning: If you place these over the paint –instead of just on the bumper, the stickers WILL ruin your paint.  

Another option is to get the window clings designed to be printed on the computer and use them in the windows of your car.


(O/T = Off-Topic, not about Autism)

Breast Cancer & Thermography: Early Detection Saves Lives!

While we wait for that magic cure… articles in mainstream and integrative medicine usually place the blame for
breast cancer upon one or more of these: genetics, virus, toxins, lowered immunity from sugar or stress, aluminum in anti-perspirants, lack of iodine, and/or a clogged lymphatic system.

According to Bob and Sharon Fulford, who spoke on Thermography at Cleveland’s Wholistic Wellness Network (WWN) meeting  July 2004, the majority of breast cancer deaths could be prevented with an FDA-approved machine that detects breast cancer up to 10 years before mammograms! The machine is: Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI), and the process is Thermography!   (Bob Fulford, R.Ph, and Sharon Fulford, R.N., who own the Allergy, Health and Thermography Screening Center, have one of only a few thermography machines in Tennessee and Georgia.  After many years in Cleveland, they have just moved into practice with Dr. Charles Adams M.D. in Ft. Oglethorpe, GA, 1-888-461-2345). 

In a four-year clinical trial published in 2003, researchers used thermography on 769 possible breast cancer patients with a 97% accuracy rate.  Fulford compared this to the high rate of inaccuracy for mammograms, both positive and negative, saying, "Mammograms sound the alarm for cancer in up to 10% of women who don't really have it, and it doesn't find it in approximately 17% of women who actually do have cancer."

"A mammogram is essentially an X-ray of the breast, so women are exposed to a small amount of radiation when having one.”  He added that 10 mammograms in 10 years increase a woman’s chance of developing breast cancer by 10%.  “Perhaps we could live with these problems if mammography was the only option," he said, "but it isn't.”

 “Thermography is safe, non-invasive, pain-free, has a high level of accuracy, and emits no radiation. It works on the basis that most objects, including human skin, emit a certain amount of infrared light in proportion to their temperature,” says Fulford, adding that that's important because abnormal tissue growth can raise the temperature of the area of the breast it inhabits, and show up as a hot spot in a thermogram.  

Developing tumors have been detected 10 years in advance of when they would be picked up in a mammogram or clinical breast exam, according to the International Academy of Clinical Thermography.

The history of thermography includes excitement by doctors in the 1960’s when infrared imaging was introduced.  At that time, the method caught almost all breast cancers very early, however it also had a high number of false positives.  According to Dr. Len Saputo, M.D. in an article titled, “Beyond Mammography,” this resulted in many women having breast surgeries that did not have breast cancer.  So although a method existed that caught almost all breast cancers early enough to save many or most lives, eventually unneeded surgeries led to the rejection of infrared breast imaging in the United States. 

Saputo says, “Since the 1970’s, however, clinical research has continued, especially in Canada and France where this technology is considered more mainstream.  More than 800 research papers have been published on the subject of breast thermography, and a research databank on more than 300,000 women who have been tested with infrared breast imaging now exists.”

New advances in infrared imaging technology have led to a much more accurate temperature differential (sensitivity to .05 degrees centigrade) which makes identifying breast cancer much easier and more reliable, and Saputo says, “the combination of improved technology and scientific clinical research is sparking the return of breast thermography into clinical practice today.”

Today, 1 in 7 American women will get breast cancer and 1 in 5 of those (usually those where the cancer is invasive and has spread due to late detection) will die.  Doctors don’t yet know how to prevent breast cancer, however women could very greatly increase their chances of survival through this non-invasive, non-radiation, very accurate, extremely early, non-painful detection device: THERMOGRAPHY!!! 

Call your doctor.  Call your insurance company.  Thermography might just save your life!

ADDITIONAL INFO:  A new survey recently released by the Institute of Medicine reports an 8% DECREASE (800 closed) in mammogram facilities in the U.S. over the last 4 years.  
According to the June 10th report, the
U.S. is rapidly losing its capacity to screen women for breast cancer with mammography.  (Doctors are shying away from the procedure due to low payment rates from Medicare, and skyrocketing malpractice).
Women across the U.S. wait months to get screening mammograms because facilities are overstretched. This could lead to a crisis as 200,000 new breast cancer cases are diagnosed in the U.S. each year and approx. 40,000 women die.

 On average, tumors develop 10-15+ yrs before detection with mammography.


A recent study of 663 cancerous women published in the Archives of Surgery reveals that those subjects whose cancerous breast tumors were needle biopsied - in other words, intentionally ruptured for diagnostic purposes - were 50% more likely to subsequently develop cancer of the lymphatic nodes located under the armpit than women whose tumors were removed outright.  (Some doctors believe extreme compression of the breast (mammograms) might cause cancerous growths to release malignant cells into nearby tissues that might otherwise have remained contained in a tumor until detection and treatment could occur).

Tumors emit more heat than surrounding tissue and are usually easily detected by heat-sensing infrared scanners. Cancerous tissues stay hot or become hotter. Fibrocystic breasts, infections, and other benign disorders cool down as they resolve.


Breast thermograms have highly specific thermal patterns in each individual woman.  They provide a unique “thermal signature” that remains constant over years – making it possible to more accurately detect cancers over time. Thermograms are graded 1-5.  Th1 and Th2 are normal.  Th3 is moderately abnormal. Th4 and Th5 are severely abnormal and require careful followup.  One recent study documented that women with Th1 and Th2 scores can be reassured with a 99% level of confidence that they do not have breast cancer.

At the Fulford’s clinic (1-888-461-2345) breast thermography is $185; full body thermography is $395.  It is FDA-approved, has an FDA insurance code, and many insurance companies do pay for you to access this technology. 
(Note: I receive no compensation for this info, it’s given solely to benefit humanity=)
This info & more at:


Hi! Tami Freedman here.  I have 3 nephews with severe autism, plus 5 nephews and nieces who appear okay after 22 vaccines by age 2, although they're constantly sick. When I started exploring my 3 autistic nephews' condition, I was horrified to learn about the situation with vaccines in this country, including an FDA internal email stating they were "asleep at the switch" on unsafe infant mercury vaccine levels that "9th grade math" should have caught. 

Autism Fliers Project

September 12, 2004, and I've handed out over 2000 Autism Fliers.  I just started a little over a month ago.  I can't walk past a pregnant woman without handing her the "Autism Epidemic, Autism IS Treatable" Flier to warn her about the dangers involved in vaccinating her infant, how to vaccinate more safely, vaccine ingredients and vaccine religious exemption information.

Having had Chronic Fatigue from candida much of my adult life, I understand and empathize with autistic children and their parents who often are fighting mercury poisoning, food allergies and the incredibly difficult candida. In America today only 2% of autistic children get chelation and the needed nutritional protocols that can bring up to 70% of these mercury poisoned children -- especially the youngest -- to the normal range -- so I feel compelled to get out there with information for them and their parents.

I have a degree in Communications PR and am doing everything I can to get the word out!  In my local area, Chattanooga TN, I'm Co-Director of the Bradley County TN chapter of Wholistic Wellness Network (WWN is a national alternative health group with monthly educational meetings) and E. TN WWN Publicity Chair.  We've been sharing this information in our network, at our Cleveland WWN meeting, and plan to have meetings soon in Chattanooga and Knoxville!  We've also got a booth at the National Autistic Foundation Association 13th Annual Softball Tournament Aug 27-29, 2004 to help spread the word!  

During this process, I've created these Autism Flier and have given out over 3300 of these -- at concerts, restaurants, parking lots, and playgrounds.  I would pass out about a million more if some source of funding were available -- mostly transportation and copying costs -- plus small amount for time/travel expenses/etc. 

I've given an Autism Flier to singer Amy Grant and spoke with her for 10+ minutes about this -- she and Vince Gill have a three-year-old daughter and she seemed genuinely concerned.  I also gave a flier to actress Jane Seymour, who said she has friends with autistic children and she'd pass this information along to them. 

It's very touching to have someone attending a Reba concert (where I've given out 250 Autism Fliers in each of 3 cities: Atlanta GA, Jackson MI, and Indianapolis IN) say, we have an autistic child.  We were broke and didn't think we had the money for this concert, however our granddaughter's only request for her high school graduation was that she wanted to see Reba in concert.  And now we know God had us come here tonight -- to get this information.

Someone at Cracker Barrel in Fort Wayne IN this past Sunday with an autistic 12-year-old, said, We never heard about chelation.  We almost went to another restaurant after church, but thank God we came here.

(There were 4 or 5 of those in the past 4 days -- 800+ fliers -- very touching :-)

Today while I was talking to a friend (and supplying her with an Autism Flier), I said, someone should pay me to wonder around America giving out Autism Fliers.  I could probably give out a million in a year's time....
     hmmm, light bulb time. 

Reba Concerts, Restaurants, Malls, Riverwalks, Parks, BabiesRUs parking lots, anytime I see a pregnant woman or someone with small kids -- anywhere there are people -- I want to get the word out with these Autism Fliers

So, please help educate American parents!  Please download these and makes copies (1000 is only $50). If you want to download either of these Autism Fliers in MS Word format, please email me at:  

My two goals are:  Vaccine Awareness (warn parents before they inject 22 shots into newborn infants containing mercury, aluminum, anti-freeze, formaldehyde, etc with studies showing all manner of elevated risks) and Autism IS Treatable! (so that children with autism get the bio-medical interventions they need including the mercury chelated out, cod liver oil, Bethanecol, etc. and all the other effective nutritional supports!!) 

And I believe these Autism Fliers are working!  I believe in the synergy of people hearing about something, talking and passing the word along.... I can say that about every 5th person I talk to knows someone with an autistic child and most say they'll pass the information along....

I need help with the money.

If you'd also love to get this information out to parents in this country who haven't yet vaccinated a child, or to someone who's child has autism and doesn't know how effective Chelation and Nutritional Protocols can be, please consider donating to my Autism Fliers Project!!!!

(Another project is getting 10 copies of Dr. Stephanie Cave's "What Your Doctor May NOT Tell You About Children's Vaccinations" into every U.S. Senator and every U.S. Representative's office -- and 200 copies to the 184 employees at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation).

Please let me hear from you.  Please join the team and help hand these out!!  Please email with questions or testimonials!  Please help with the money! Checks or PayPal -- $100 or  any amount would help immensely!!     Thanks

Light and Love, Tami Freedman

PS I would love to have help in passing these fliers out.  If you can walk past a pregnant woman without warning her about the dangers involved in vaccinating her infant, how to vaccinate more safely, or about the ingredients in vaccines, then read no further.  However, if you feel the need to warn parents and want to see EVERY AUTISTIC CHILD CHELATED, please email me and join the team!!  Feel free to copy and distribute! 

If you want any of these fliers in Microsoft Word format, please email me at:  

or go to and join my "Vaccine-Awareness" group.  To join, send an email to   We are a good group working to educate each other
and the public about vaccine safety issues (approx. 1-2 emails/daily or put the setting on Digest for 1 email/daily).  Then go to the Vaccine-Awareness Files section to find Microsoft Word docs for both
Flier 1 and Flier 2.

Note: This website is <--there is no www. in the web address.

Note 2: I know the Thermography Flier is a bit off-topic, however it also can save lives so I thought
why not share!  (I'll be handing out a few of these along the path also =)